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A Journey of Liberation

Second Edition, by Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, Grades 8–Adult

Personal History, Personal Culture, a Personal Journey in African American History

Promoting cultural awareness through richly flavored accounts of the events in African American history, this book encourages students to expand their knowledge of the historical foundation upon which this country was built.

A Journey of Liberation, 2E (Hardcover)

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A Journey of Liberation Student Text
ISBN: 9781562566012 
A Journey of Liberation Teacher's Guide
ISBN: 9781562566029 
A Journey of Liberation Worktext
ISBN: 9781562566036 


In Our Own Image: An African American History

Rochester City School District, Grades 5–8

The fullness of U.S. history is realized with the inclusion of the African American contribution—now fully covered in a single, easy-to-implement text.

In Our Own Image is a complete and user-friendly text for teaching African American history and culture to middle and junior high school students.

Virtually every aspect of African American history and culture is covered, beginning with a study of early African leaders and communities, the Middle Passage, and enslavement. The Emancipation Proclamation follows, along with legal segregation and the Ku Klux Klan. Final chapters include the explosion of cultural pride experienced in the Harlem Renaissance and the struggle for civil rights. In Our Own Image concludes with contemporary issues in society.

Chapter reviews include activities, critical thinking, writing, and vocabulary that stress the high points of the chapter and allows teachers to gauge students’ progress. Maps and timelines enhance geography and study skills, while colorful illustrations help students visualize the material.

In Our Own Image (Softcover) 

Title/ISBN Price Samples / Correlations Qty
In Our Own Image Student Text
ISBN: 9781562560416 
In Our Own Image Answer Key
ISBN: 9781562560423 


Classical Africa

Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, Grades 5–9

The history of African civilization told in the Authentic Voices of the African-centered perspective strengthens students’ understanding of world history.

From an African-centered perspective, this text draws on oral and written history to describe six classical civilizations of Africa—Kemet, Nubia, Axum, Ghana, Mali, and Songhay.

In an easy-to-access format, Classical Africa is an excellent stand-alone text or an important supplement to World History and Regional Study programs.

Classical Africa (Softcover)

Title/ISBN Price Samples / Correlations Qty
Classical Africa Student Text
ISBN: 9781562569006 
Classical Africa Teacher's Guide
ISBN: 9781562569020 
Classical Africa Activity Book
ISBN: 9781562569013 

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